Beljino India


To become the leading provider of premium range of interior décor solutions in India


We shall:

  • Ensure that our products and solutions are safe and reliable for the intended use
  • Ensure effective internal communication for unity of purpose, actions and out-comes
  • Offer world-class innovative products and solutions for the premium category of users
  • Remain updated of upcoming trends from the supply front
  • Build an effective supply chain to ensure reach, availability and efficient services in the target market
  • Regularly survey the market and encourage feedback from the users to understand them better
  • Identify, include, train and retain talented team for effective and efficient out-comes


Beljino was established in the year 2003 with a view to importing, exporting and distributing of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. As the flagship brand of Apex Marketing, in a little over 7 years, Beljino expanded its footprint to encompass the entire state and then went on to capture the South Indian market. In keeping with its philosophy of creating a luxury living experience, the company offers premium quality sanitary ware brands, while maintaining an affordable price range.

...and Now.

Thanks to its philosophy of continuous evolution, Beljino regularly updates its product range, introducing innovative variations and extending reliable after-sales service. And hence, Beljino has established a firm foothold in the minds of a rapidly expanding customer base.

As the parent company of Beljino, Apex has re-structured its corporate framework to become DVMC and Impex Marketing (P) Ltd. and is now gearing up to enter a new and extremely exciting 'high-growth' phase - a phase which will mark its transition from a market-driven company to a professionally managed organisation guided by a well-articulated business agenda and philosophy. Towards this end, driven by renewed ambition and the will to succeed, DVMC has reconstituted its board of directors by bringing in experienced professionals in the field to help broad base its operations to include new business verticals and markets in the near future. What's more, DVMC has acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification and has also implemented SAP, the most successful ERP system in the world.

Manufacturing Excellence

Beljino is manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant in China, as part of an exclusive manufacturing tie-up. The ISO certified facility follows world standards in production processes and technology. The plant employs advanced machinery and stringent quality control systems to ensure consistently high standards in production. The glass basin processing plant, for instance, is equipped with sophisticated equipment such as flat-bed tempered machine, thermalized bent machine and digitally controlled high precision grinding machine. The Design Centre upholds the spirit of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries with imaginative designs, materials and product inventions

Key people

Agastin Abraham
Chairman & Managing Director

With a Master's Degree in Russian Agastin began his career as a research fellow in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and later, a teacher of Russian language. In due course, Agastin switched professions to join the fast evolving and rapidly expanding white goods industry. After completing several stints in the Middle East and Turkmenistan, where he earned a wealth of experience, Agastin returned home to strike out on his own. In 2003, Agastin established Apex Marketing for the import, export and distribution of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories under the brand name 'Beljino'